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Quality Engineer

Job Locations US-MN-Fridley


Quality Engineer will be both internal and external constituent-facing; uncovering, discovering, researching, exploring, defining, evaluating, assessing, qualifying, and certifying.  The Quality Engineer works with our internal and external constituents to serve and solve our clients/customers with both standard and custom product offerings, consistently exquisite quality, timely and predictable delivery to clients/customers.  Quality Engineers will serve the needs and opportunities of both existing and new clients/customers.





  • Qualifies both new and existing products and programs; meeting or exceeding all Minco standards of performance by reviewing, discovering, researching, exploring, defining, evaluating, assessing, qualifying, and securing proper certifications. 
  • Provides competent Minco product and service solutions to our many and varied clients/customers; successfully meeting or exceeding all company profit and growth expectations.
  • Consistently and constantly evaluate, assess, and report on any and all successes and challenges:  product quality, on-time production, production line incidents, scrap, waste, defective parts and defective parts per million (DPPM) , and overall performance, providing timely follow-up, follow-through, feedback, recommendation and resolution throughout all facets of company operations.
  • Demonstrates sound business acumen; successfully implementing all client/customer solutions with continual company profit-mindedness.
  • Ensures full and complete compliance with any and all Minco Quality Standards and Certifications (NADCAP, AS9100, ISO, NASA, ESA,…) with the full enforcement of any/all company policies, procedures, and/or programs.
  • Successfully implements all external and internal constituent programs timely, professionally, competently, and profitably, as approved by Management.
  • Ensures full and complete compliance of any and all New Product Improvement (NPI) / New Product Introduction (NPI) with any/all Minco Quality Standards and Certifications, as well as meeting or exceeding all company testing and qualification standards of performance.
  • Timely, professionally, competently, and profitably solves any and all design, process, production, quality and/or product performance challenges, collaborating with Engineering, Production, and Management.
  • Successfully and timely implements all company program and service offerings approved by the collaborative work of Management, Engineering, Quality, and Product Marketing, as approved by Management.
  • Implements, inspects, monitors, assesses, evaluates, recommends, resolves, approves, and communicates timely all Conformance(s), Corrective and Preventative action(s), Continuous Improvement, Scrap Reduction, Waste Reduction, and Productivity Improvement of any and all client/customer projects and programs, to their successful and timely completion.
  • Provides active involvement and a key role in the company’s achievement of 99% product quality production.
  • Reviews, inspects, evaluates, approves and authenticates any and all customer quality requests and/or provisions, ensuring full and complete compliance with any/all company policies, terms, conditions, procedures, and/or programs.
  • Initiates and authors any and all Non-Conformance Reporting (NCR), Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA), Returned Material Authorization (RMA), Internal and External Audit Reporting (IEAR),… making any and all appropriate recommendations and creating solutions to successfully meet or exceed all company standards of performance, profit and growth expectations.
  • Creates, monitors, and maintains, and continually improves the company Continuous Improvement processes and programs, achieving Total Scrap of less than 3%, achieving Total Waste of less than 3%, and Total Product Defects of less than 1%.
  • Comprehensively creates, establishes, and maintains design, process, production, and inspection standards of performance at the company manufacturing and/or fabrication facilities, discerning risk-assessment and results achievement throughout.
  • Ensures timely resolution of any and all internal and/or external non-conformance to Minco standards of performance, providing corrective actions and resolutions, as well as proactive preventive actions to be implemented.  Monitors all products and programs through lifecycle; timely resolving challenges and issues, as well as providing timely and comprehensive communications throughout.
  • Implements company profitable growth strategies for any and all client/customer products and programs.
  • Proactively solves opportunities and challenges by implementing actionable solutions ensuring company profit, revenue and growth objectives are met or exceeded.
  • Successfully identifies and creates opportunities to expand our company product and service offerings with clients/customers.
  • Performs other duties as identified.





  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal, with external constituents (prospects, customers, third-parties,…) and with fellow employees and Management.
  • Excellent presentation skills, both externally with prospects, customers, and third-parties, as well as internally within the company.
  • Successful and demonstratable skills to multi-task; successfully implement many and varied opportunities, programs, and/or projects continually.
  • Sound business acumen for many and varied business opportunities and challenges.
  • Create, develop, deliver, and implement well-reasoned recommendations and sound business decisions to Management timely.
  • Effectively and successfully build relationships with prospects, customers, third-parties, fellow employees, and Management.
  • Outstanding skills of taking the initiative, accurately assessing situations, circumstances, and opportunities, and then implementing successful solutions in a timely manner.
  • Successful and demonstratable experience timely responding to/with and resolving opportunities, questions, concerns, and challenges.
  • Exceptional project management, organizational, communication, and presentation skills, including all those customer-facing, external, and internal.
  • Thrives working in a fast-paced, dynamic, active and high-volume work environment.
  • Competent and proficient with all Risk Analysis, Failure Analysis/Measurement Analysis/Statistical Analysis tools, calculations, principles and methods.
  • Competent and proficient with all Microsoft applications and an ability to learn more.


Work Experience:


A minimum of three (3) years working in a similar role in a business-to-business manufacturing company with diverse product and service solutions.




Bachelor or Master Degree in Engineering.



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